Rudern Ohne Ziel

Words: Stefan Müller Altermatt

Music: David McVeigh

This was a trip into the pop business with a friend of mine, Stefan Müller-Altermatt, who wanted to do something completely different for his political campaign.

It’s a call to his political colleges to concentrate on the important things in life that will actually make a positive difference to people, rather than getting lost in idealogical arguments.

Here’s a rough translation of the chorus:

It’s like playing football without a goal, it’s like rowing without a direction, just pointlessly going back and forth. We’re dancing without moving. Let’s get something moving for the things that count: for real life.

David McVeighComment
Passion drives us.

My wish is that everyone can experience the joys of music and feel the same passion and joy that I do when I experience a moving performance, or the simple beauty of hearing a child sing a nursery rhyme, or the wonder of bird song.

Every one of us has to find his or her own style and the only way of doing this is to try out everything and anything until we find something that fits. This works for clothes, it works for food and it’s the same for music. But the thing that surprises me over and over again, is that the better you understand something, the more moving it can become, even if it didn’t touch you to start with, it doesn’t mean it never will. So stay open to new experiences and visit live events as much as you can to get new inspiration.